CINEW Project Conference

Creative Industries: New Opportunities in the Atlantic Area

Técnico Lisboa, 27 May 2015, 9h30

Keynote Speakers

Irish TV

Pierce O'Reilly

HPC Wales

Roderick Thomas


Vasco Pedro


Helena Deane


Knowledge Networking for Creative Clusters

The workshop explores CINEW experience of applying knowledge networking to foster development of creative clusters. A discussion of challenges and opportunities will be facilitated through CINEW case studies of creating new web development enterprises through bringing talent together in a creative hack, and assistance to existing companies by assembling critical mass for new multimedia service offerings. Translation of learning into partner regions and transnationally will be used to support further development of knowledge networking as a tool both for practitioners and policy makers.

Supporting Creative Hubs and Promoting local Television

The Purpose of the Workshop is to stimulate further the creation of a European Hub Ecosystem that supports a community of like-minded hubs to develop and share best practice. The workshop will also aim to identify where possible assistance may be given to build a European Network of Creative Hubs. The aim of this is to provide a critical mass that enables hubs and groups of hubs to advocate and lobby for support and continue to develop and thrive. Television companies in Ireland and the Atlantic Area including Portugal have promoted very successfully the Creative Industries. Through the CINEW network their capacity to develop their business and market share has increased. We will explore where further supports and development is possible for this sector while linking effectively with new and existing Creative Hubs.


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